T3 Framework

T3 Framework

The "All New" Toledo Repair Center

Support the latest makes and models of phone, Ifixit Celluar hits the street with the brand-new approach to repair, Diagnosis and Cell Services.

Broken Device Come see the pros

With the best prices in town there one where else to go and we fix most devices right on the spot.

Insurance Freedom

Is your carrier charging you and arm an a leg to still pay a deductible not with us .

Why choose US?

14 years in repair CAN'T be wrong!



Experience the power of Responsive team of professionals , which does not only fix on all major brands and devices but also helps with questions and concerns!


Water Damage

We Are the Stepping stone to ensure your water damage device is functional again.


Any Device Bring it to us!

Some of the services we provide from component level repair to small micro circuit repair come see us today.


Web Repairs Availble

We are on the web today check us out for a quote.

Other Services We offer

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T3 Framework

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